From Northwestern Lakefill.

Visualize the Invisible

Hi, I'm Hyeok Kim (hjʌk). I'm a PhD student in Computer Science at Northwestern University. Currently, I work with Professor Jessica Hullman at MU Collective. Previously, I did my masters in Communcation at Seoul National University with colleagues from HCI+D Lab. My research intersts mainly include 📊 data visualization, 📱🖥 responsive visualization and multi-context visualizations, 🛠 visualization system, formalization, and automation, 📜 narrative and communicative visualization, and 🧙🏻‍♂design research for societal problems. If you are interested in these areas as well, please feel free to contact me for collaboration 🙆🏻‍♂!

Background I studied Linguistics for my undergraduate major, and Computational and Statistical Linguistics for my student-designed minor, focusing on natural language processing. I also created many data visualization works (Mike Project), trying to practice programming and statistics together—this was a great approach and led me to various areas in HCI, including system design, visualization grammar, and design research.