Research Interests

  • Human-computer interaction
  • Data visualization, visualization retargeting—when a visualization is transitioned from one context to another, narrative visualization
  • Automation and formalization for data visualization
  • Design research, societal problems


  • Northwestern University, Evanston, IL. US, Sep. 2019-Present
    Ph.D. Student in Computer Science, McCormick School of Engineering
  • Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea, Sep. 2016-Feb. 2019
    Master of Arts in Communication, College of Social Science
    • Thesis: A Design Space for the Transition of News Articles with Data Visualizations from Large to Small Screen
    • Committee: Hwajung Hong (chair), Joonhwan Lee, and Youn-ah Kang
    • Advisor: Joonhwan Lee
  • Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea, Mar. 2010-Aug. 2016
    Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics, College of Humanities, Cum Laude
    • Student-Designed Minor in Computational and Statistical Linguistics
    • Thesis: Analysis of Gendered Vocabulary in Korean Language Textbooks for Marriage Migrant Women
    • Thesis: Evaluating Informativeness of Korean-Language Comments on Webtoon [Online Comics]


Refereed Conference & Journal Papers

  • Hyeok Kim, Ryan Rossi, Fan Du, Eunyee Koh, Shunan Guo, Jessica Hullman, & Jane Hoffswell. 2022. Cicero: A Declarative Grammar for Responsive Visualization. ACM CHI 2022. Preprint.
  • Hyeok Kim, Youjin Hwang, Jieun Lee, Youngjin Kwon, Yujin Park, & Joonhwan Lee. 2022. Personalization Trade-offs in Designing a Dialogue-based Information System for Support-Seeking of Sexual Violence Survivors. ACM CHI 2022. Preprint.
  • Hyeok Kim, Ryan Rossi, Abhraneel Sarma, Dominik Moritz, & Jessica Hullman. 2021. An Automated Approach to Reasoning About Task-Oriented Insights in Responsive Visualization. IEEE TVCG (VIS 2021). Preprint.
  • Hyeok Kim, Dominik Moritz, & Jessica Hullman. 2021. Design patterns and trade-offs in responsive visualization for communication. Computer Graphics Forum, 40 (3) (EUROVIS 2021). Preprint.
  • Sukyoung Choi, Dmitri Williams, & Hyeok Kim. 2020. A snap of your true self: How self-presentation and temporal affordance influence self-concept on social media. New Media & Society. Preprint.

Refereed Posters

  • Hyeok Kim, Haesoo Kim, Youngjin Kwon, Hansol Jang, Soomin Lee, & Joonhwan Lee. 2019. The Implementation of MiRO, a Media-as-Place Computer Game. In Companion Publication of the 2019 on Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) Conference 2019 Companion (pp. 219-223). Preprint.
  • Wookjae Maeng, Hyeok Kim, Junhee Woo, Youngjin Huh, Seo-young Lee, Jeewon Choi, Sangwook Lee, Jinsu Eun, Kungjin Lee, & Joonhwan Lee. 2018. Implications for the Design of Sexual Harassment Prevention System for Online Games. In Proceedings of HCI Korea (HCIK) 2018. Preprint (Korean).


  • Responsive Visualization Recommender (2022, US Patent Application #17/678346)


  • Research Assistant, Northwestern University, Sep. 2019-Present
    • PI: Jessica Hullman
    • Project: responsive visualization recommender
      • Building a recommender for responsive visualization (i.e., designing visualizations for multiple screens that vary in size and interaction methods) by formalizing design knowledge into constraints and rules.
    • Project: visualization message loss
      • Measuring changes in visualization "messages" or takeaways caused by design changes for responsive visualization or simplification.
  • Research Intern, Tableau, a Salesforce company, May.-Aug. 2022
    • Mentor: Matthew Brehmer
    • Collaborators: Arjun Srinivasan
    • Project: visualization retargeting (broad description)
  • Research Intern, Adobe Research, Jun.-Sep. 2021
    • Mentor: Jane Hoffswell
    • Collaborators: Eunyee Koh, Ryan Rossi, Fan Du, Shunan Guo
    • Project: grammar for responsive visualization and applications
  • Department Staff, The Interdisciplinary Program for Information Science and Technology, Seoul National University, Sep. 2018-Feb. 2019
    • Director: Joonhwan Lee
    • Vice director: Hwajung Hong
    • Roles: student and instructor affairs, courses, and finance
  • Research Assistant, Seoul National University, Dec. 2016-Aug. 2019
    • PI: Joonhwan Lee
    • Project: assistant system for sex crime survivors
      • Worked as a designer and full-stack developer of a chatbot web application for support-seeking of sex crime survivors.
      • Organized participatory design sessions.
      • Funded by the Consortium of Police and the Ministry of Science and ICT of South Korea.
    • Project: SNU CardNewsBot (a slide news generation system)
      • Worked as a designer and front-end developer of a responsive web application with card-based interface.
      • Developed a declarative `card generation system' with JSON-based grammar that renders card slides with input declaring layout and chart types in JSON.
      • Funded by the Korean Institute of Information and Communications Technology Promotion (IITP).
  • Director and Front-end Developer, Korean Environmental Education Center, Jun. 2017-Sep. 2017
    • Product: Utopia (Energy Education App)
      • An editor and viewer for online comics with background music controlled by scrolling.
      • An energy diary by which users can enter and monitor their energy usage with visualization.
  • Supervisor of Undergraduate Social Works, The Institute for Global Social Responsibility of Seoul National University, Mar. 2015-Feb. 2017
    • Consulted undergraduate students about their online mentoring activities both individually and in group.
    • Consulted field managers in local schools whose students participated in the program.
    • Designed a prototype for online mentoring service.
    • Managed communication between service directors and developers.
  • Front-end Developer, SNU FactCheck Center, Institute of Communication Research at Seoul National University, Dec. 2016-Jun. 2017
    • Implemented a 'fact indicator' (FactMeter) which resembles a gauge and dynamically shows 'fact Indices' for a news topic.

Personal Projects

  • How Much is My Labor?: a visual explorer of minimum wage and product prices by denoting product prices with work hours based on minimum wage.
  • How Much Do I Emit?: a visual explorer of greenhouse gas emissions and average income level by mapping unit GHG emissions to unit income.
  • What Percent are You Male?: a visual explorer that calculates the income quantile of one’s opposite gender based on her/his income.
  • My Town + Our Diversity?: a visual explorer that shows the degree of diversity in a town (South Korea) in terms of housing, nationality, gender, job sector, age, and disability.
  • Short visuals: visual articles regarding gender, labor, and environmental issues.
  • Independent publication
    • Minimum Wage Index 2015-2016
  • Funded by Meet + Share, Seoul NPO Center (Appx. $1,300 for 5 months).

Invited Talks and Panels

  • Invited Talk | Quantifying Visualization Message for Automated Responsive Visualization Recommendation, Northwestern University, Feb. 2021
    • Second Adobe Research and Northwestern Computer Science Collaborative Workshop
  • Special Lecture | Trade-offs in Designing Responsive Visualization, Seoul National University, Nov. 2020
    • Class: Data Analytics and Visualization (graduate)
    • Class Instructor: Prof. Hwajung Hong
  • Panel | Research Panel for Incoming CS Ph.D. Students, Department of Computer Science, Northwestern University, Sep. 2020
    • Top Ph.D. students were invited as panelists by the department.
  • Workshop | Mobile Data Visualization Paper-Prototyping, HCI Korea 2019, Jan. 2019
  • Presentation | How to Present Data Visualization Articles on Mobile Devices?, Annual Joint-Symposium of SNU-UT-NCCU, Nov. 2018
    • Venue: National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Special Lecture | A Paper-Prototyping Workshop for Transitioning the Desktop View of Data Visualization to a Mobile View, Seoul National University, Oct. 2018
    • Class: Design Thinking and Communication (undergraduate)
    • Class Instructor: Prof. Hwajung Hong
  • Presentation | Design Implications for an In-game Sexual Harassment Prevention System?, Annual Joint-Symposium of SNU-UT, Nov. 2018
    • Venue: University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
  • Special Lecture | Data Analysis Workshop: K-Pop Lyrics Word Cloud, Seoul NPO Center, Dec. 2016
  • Special Lecture | Storytelling about the World with Data, Seoul NPO Center, Oct. 2015

Honors and Awards

  • Grand Award, The 5th Human Rights Research Projects Contest, Seoul National University Human Rights Center, Oct. 2017
    • Research topic: Design Implications for Sexual Harassment Prevention System in Online Game
  • Honorable Mention, Undergraduate Independent Study Program, Faculty of Liberal Education, Jan. 2017
    • Research topic: Evaluating Informativeness of Korean-Language Comments on Webtoon [Online Comics]

Scholarships and Fellowships

  • Research Fellowship, Adobe, (Appx. $16,500-stipend for two quarters), Sep.-Nov. 2020, Mar.-May 2021
  • Media Fellowship, Seoul National University, (Appx. $2,600-stipend), Sep. 2018-Feb. 2019
  • Lecture & Research Scholarship, Seoul National University, (Appx. $15,000—full tuition and stipend), Jan. 2017-Aug. 2018
  • Synyang Scholarship, Synyang Cultural Foundation, (Appx. $4,400—full tuition), 2014
  • Superior Academic Performance, Seoul National University, (Appx. $500—partial tuition), Mar. 2010


  • Reviewer, ACM CHI 2023 (2 Special Recognitions for Outstanding Reviews)
  • Reviewer, ACM CHI 2022 (1 Special Recognition for Outstanding Reviews)
  • Reviewer, IEEE VIS 2021
  • Reviewer, IEEE TVCG
  • Reviewer, IEEE CG & A
  • Reviewer, T-Rex Workshop at IEEE VIS 2022

Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant

  • Interactive Information Visualization, Northwestern University, Winter, 2021
  • Data Journalism, Seoul National University, Fall, 2018
  • Journalism Field Practice, Seoul National University, Fall, 2018
  • Media Field Practice, Seoul National University, Fall, 2018
  • HCI Theory and Practice, Seoul National University, Spring, 2018
  • Seminar in Communication Research Methods: Computational Communication Science, Seoul National University, Spring, 2017

Leadership and Volunteer Experiences

  • SNU Mentoring Mentor, Seoul National University Institute for Global Social Responsibility, Sep. 2012-Dec. 2015
    • Consulted local secondary school students about life management and school activities via online.
  • Overseas Volunteering Program Student Supervisor, Seoul National University Institute for Global Social Responsibility, Oct. 2014 - Jan. 2015, May - Aug. 2015
    • Location: Nam Din, Vietnam
    • Organized and supervised the general programs.
    • Conducted field research with local coordinators.
  • Overseas Volunteering Program, Seoul National University Institute for Global Social Responsibility, May-Aug. 2014
    • Location: Nam Din, Vietnam
    • Implemented entertainment and hygiene education program for children.
    • Assisted medical services for older adults.


Technical Skills

  • I am skilled at designing and implementing Web-based user interfaces with data visualizations.
  • Programming languages: JavaScript (Node.js) and Python
  • Web Spec Preferences: Node.js, Express.js, Svelte, Vue.js, Material/Bootstrap, jQuery, FastAPI, and Flask
  • Developer Tools: AWS (EC2, Route53, S3, DynamoDB, EB), Git, and VS Code
  • Database: DynamoDB, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL
  • Visualization and Statistic Tools: D3.js, Tableau, R, and SPSS
  • Creativity Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Audition, Premiere (Pro/Rush), and Figma


  • Native: Korean
  • Fluent: English and Japanese