‘How Much Do I Emit?’ is a project that concerns greenhouse gas emission per income by industrial sectors. All the data used here is extracted from OECD.Stat ( ‘Greenhouse gas emissions by source’ and ‘Value added and its components by activity, ISIC rev4.’ Since it is not available from OECD.Stats, the greenhouse gas emission by sectors of South Korea is collected from KOSIS (Korean Statistical Information Service) of Statistics Korea ( Sectors are divides into 5: Agriculture (ISIC rev4 A), Manufacturing / Construction (ISIC rev4 C, F), Energy (ISIC rev4 B, D, E), Transport (ISIC rev4 H) and Others (ISIC rev4 G, I-U). The currency rate data was checked in at 22:00UTC July 28, 2015. *ISIC: International Standard Industrial Classification.

How to Use?

  • Tables and Graphs: check the data numerically and visually.
  • In By Country, you compare data between two countries.
  • In Calculator, you calculate your greenhouse gas emissions based on your earnings.
  • In Download, you can download the details of the project.