How Much Is My Labor? is a project that aims to collect data of minimum wage and prices across 46 countries and visualize them. The scope of this project currently includes the member countries of OECD (The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), APEC(Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation), and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). Price data of McDonald’s BigMac, Coca-cola, Adidas’s Training pants, IKEA’s Bed Sets, and Dell’s Laptop were chosen to collect, only due to the availability and comparability. In some cases where actual data were not available, estimation were made instead. In the mobile environment, tables may not be shown properly.

How to Use?

  • Tables and Graphs
    • Basic Data: processed data for the calculation,
    • Time to Buy 1: amount of time for which you need to work to buy 1 product with minimum wage,
    • 1 Hour Can Buy: amount of products that you can buy with 1-hour labor on minimum wage,
    • Country Data & Product Data: raw data and their sources
  • XY-Graphs: copmarisons between basic economic data and price data
  • By Country: Full report of each country
  • Download: details of the project (data set, and estimation process)