Hello! This is “What Percent Male Are You?” by Mike. This project is an action to ask how much differently we are paid by sex and find out a rough figure of the question. Basically, it is an application of the concept of the widely-known Gini Coefficient which indicates a nation’s degree of inequality of income dispersion. I also collected GNI (Gross National Income) by sex for further estimation and GDP (Gross Domestic Production) per capita for reference. For specific data sources, please see the Summary Report from 'download.'

In advance, I would like to state its limits. Above all, the estimation is not 100% accurate. Since it is not possible to use world-wide income share data measured in a single method, it uses one of widely-know estimation methods (see the Summary Report). That is, the estimated models are real ones, and the statistical confidence is hardly available due to the lack of a known distribution.

Finally, I want to say that it is also limited in dividing groups. It only divides people into female and male, mainly because I cannot find data divided differently, and assumed that the binary division is enough to say that world-wide income inequality in sexes.

How to Use?

  • Tables and Graphs: check the data numerically and visually.
  • In By Country, you can check the more detailed estimation of gendered income difference.
  • In Download, you can download the details of the project.